Each spring, students at the University of South Carolina’s journalism school spend extended time photographing stories that matter to their communities. Eye Witness is a semester-long photography project under the guidance of Associate Professor Denise McGill.

The highlight is the Talmadge Moore LeGrand Photojournalism Workshop, now in its second year. The class spends 48 hours with coaches who are professional photojournalists. Their coaches go out into the neighborhoods, look over the images, whatever is necessary to build storytelling skills. The class works out of a basecamp on campus where they download images and review projects. The result is a cohesive story that is important to their state.

The Talmadge Moore LeGrand Endowed Scholarship Fund generously supports the Eye Witness project, the workshop and scholarships to provide students with the support they need to become professional-level photojournalists by funding educational opportunities beyond what SJMC could previously offer.

The Eye Witness website was designed and created by two of SJMC’s visual communications students, Sophie Bello and Aaron Falls.